Jacques Baud Ukraine
Full nameJacques Francois Baud
Kind of activitymilitary expert and analyst, writer
Marital statusunknown
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Jacques Baud is a former Swiss high-ranking military analyst, author of books about world politics and military secrets. He is a global conspiracy theorist. Jacques Baud pays a lot of attention to Putin’s activities. He gives many comments about the war in Ukraine.

Jacques Baud’s Biography

Jacques Francois Baud is a Swiss citizen. He was born in 1955. Jacques tries not to distribute his personal data and biography details. He doesn’t blog on Facebook or Instagram.

Jacques devoted his life to military service, which he completed with the rank of colonel. His first international success was appointment to the Swiss Strategic Intelligence Service where he served from 1983 to 1990. His specialization was intelligence work with the Warsaw Pact countries (USSR, Poland, Hungary and some others).

At homeland Jacques also worked for the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. But his further career is connected with UN peacekeeping structures.

In 1995, he was responsible for the prevention of ethnic cleansing during the armed conflict in Congo.

10 years later, the military expert participated in the UN peacekeeping mission in Sudan where he headed the military-civilian intelligence center.

Jacques Baud biography

Recognition of his expertise in intelligence and peacekeeping in Africa was an offer from the African Union (similar to the EU in Africa). In 2011, at the request of African leaders, he headed the research department of the International Peacekeeping Training Center.

Jacques’ latest job was linked to NATO. There he headed the department for combating the spread of light weapons and mines.

Books by Jacques Baud

In addition to military and intelligence activities, the Swiss analyst has gained success in writing books. Many of them have become bestsellers. This is due to the spicy theme of spy secrets and world conspiracies.

His first book was the Encyclopedia of Intelligence and Secret Services (1997). There he revealed the secrets of intelligence departments’ activity in different countries. The general public liked it. But, given his subsequent successful career in military intelligence structures, he did not expose real secrets.

After that, the Swiss issued 9 more books about intelligence, the sources of terrorism and the fight against it, criticism of the media involved in creating a fake news space. The main resonance is caused by essays, articles and interviews by Jacques Baud. They are characterized by anti-globalization sentiments. Many readers may have noticed the frequent criticism of US policy and support for Vladimir Putin’s actions.

Jacques Baud’s main theses, which characterize his creative activity, are:

  • world politics is determined by a geopolitical conspiracy;
  • the US is doing its best to destroy the friendly relations between Russia and Germany;
  • Putin and Bashar al-Assad have been unfairly vilified by the Western media.

Jacques Baud about the war in Ukraine

In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and started a bloody war. Jacques Baud’s rhetoric completely repeats the political rationale for the war from Vladimir Putin. He justifies the Russian President’s actions in the same way as he did during the war in Syria.

He denies Russian military killings of civilians in Bucha. Also, in his opinion, it is necessary to fight against Nazism in Ukraine. A month after the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, terrible facts about war crimes by the Russian military began to be revealed. In this regard, the statements of Jacques Baud look very surprising.

There is an assumption, expressed by some people on the Internet, that he was recruited by the Russian intelligence agency during his work in Swiss Strategic Intelligence Service (linked to the countries of the former socialist camp).